Our Small Farm

A Traditional Severn Vale Orchard

The pantry cupboard at Our Small Farm

Pure Apple Juice

This is a true cottage industry in which all the family participate. We use no chemicals, and none have been used here for at least 30 years. All the apples are picked by hand, washed, sorted, cut if bruised or damaged, milled, pressed, bottled and pasteurised on the farm by ourselves. You can be certain therefore that your juice is of the highest quality. Click on the link below to see the process in more detail.

Apple Juice

We blend no apples, nor use concentrate. This is just pure home grown juice only.

All our juice is pasteurised which means it will keep if unopened, for a year. No preservatives, colours or flavourings are used. Generally the juice is sold through local farm shops, restaurants and delicatessens and we would prefer that you support these businesses, which have in turn supported us.

Apple Juice
We expect to have new season pure apple juice available from early September in 2009. Pressed first will be the sweet varieties (see the apple varieties page) and these will be available in sealed glass bottles of two sizes 25cl and 75cl.

Our Other Products Depending on the season, small quantities of home made plum jam, chutneys, apple sauce, crab apple jelly, honey and free range eggs may be available to farm gate callers.

Our Suppliers
For a full range of farm shops, restaurants, delicatessens and our other suppliers, please click here. If you don't live locally we can supply quantities of the juice in boxes of 12. E-mail us for prices.

Trade enquiries welcome; if you have apples you want us to mill for you we can do that too from 1 per bottle ready.