Our Small Farm

A Traditional Severn Vale Orchard
The whole family lend a hand Centrifugal Mill Hydro Press

Core Values
We only buy bottles made from recycled glass from a local supplier less than 20 miles distant. These are collected in august and stored whilst the apples ripen, until we begin bottling later that month. The first apples ready are Worcesters small sweet apples which are like our entire crop, hand picked. Because we handle the apples ourselves, damage and bruising is kept to a minimum. This is important because bruising is thought to contain carcinogens and certainly flavours the juice. As the photos above and opposite demonstrate we take pride in ensuring that every apple is individually handled & inspected when picked, loaded, washed and sorted. That's four time assurance which no other producer can match. Any bruising that is found is cut out or the apple discarded. You can be certain therefore that the juice you are getting is the purest available - remember we use no chemicals so there can be no ghastly nasties!

If the juice is to be clear...
Settling Tanks

Fitting the bottle caps
Emptying the tanks

Filling the bottles

The Final Product