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Traditional Severn Vale Orchard
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Ours is a small orchard of traditional apple trees in the Severn Vale of Gloucestershire, one of the major fruit growing counties. We are slowly restoring the orchard which has been derelict for a quarter of a century and we now manage the trees and the ground on which they stand in an organic, wildlife friendly way. Planted in 1921 there are some 80 trees from which we produce our own pure juice.

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Why are traditional orchards important in the landscape?
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Producing the juice...
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Future Plans...
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A Year in the Orchard

January: Busy setting out a new plot for bush trees.
February: The new trees arrive, 2 year old Cox's orange Pippin and are planted.
March: Its Fencing repairs & then clearing dead wood to the insect refuges.
April: The new lambs are born and head out into the orchard.
May: Its Apple blossom time & we keep our fingers crossed for no late frosts.
June: Apples are setting and the grass beneath the trees are growing.
July: The sheep come into the orchard to graze beneath the trees
August: The first apples - Worcesters - become ripe and the bottles arrive.
September: Begin pressing the first juice.
October: Our Apple day. The milling and pressing is in full swing.
November: Gale damage to clear up.
December: Pruning!


What is happening this week?
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